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Creating A Monitor

To create a new Monitor you will need a Lean20 account and a subscription to Ping. If you do not have an active subscription, you will need to either activate the trial or purchase a subscription first.

Log in to your Lean20 account and click on the Monitors link. If you have any existing Monitors they will be displayed here and you can click the "New Monitor" button to make a new one.

If you do not have any Monitors, you will see a screen prompting you to create one.

Creating a basic Monitor only requires a few pieces of information.

Name: How you want us to refer to this Monitor
Uri: The web address we will check (it will always be a GET request)
Timeout: How long we will wait for a response before giving up

If you expand the Advanced section you will be able to specify a keyword we will look for. This section is completely optional and only needed if you want us to evaluate the response that we get back before determining if a Monitor is up.

In this example, let's set up a Monitor to watch a fictional log-aggregating API. We will be setting the URL to be checked and to consider it down if it takes more than 10 seconds for a response.

The rest endpoint we are checking also returns the number of log processed in the last 10 minutes. We want to consider it to be down if the string num_processed: 0 is found. So we can expand the Advanced section, toggle the type to Exclude and enter the string we want to search.

With this set, the Monitor will be considered down if any of these scenarios are true: