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Troubleshooting Sending Domain Validation

After you add the DNS records for your sending domain, you need to verify them in the Lean20 application. If validations fails you can try:

Wait 24 hours

DNS records take time to propagate across the internet. There is no specific amount of time to wait, but in general come back in 24 hours and try again.

Double check your records.

Some DNS providers auto append your domain to any record you create. For example, if you are adding a record for status.sonicdb.com then make sure your DNS provider did not append your domain resulting in status.sonicdb.com.status.sonicdb.com.

Double check the values and type for each record

Make sure you selected the correct record type and provided the correct answer to each record.

Some registrars do not accept MX values with a period at the end (while others require it). If your registrar does not accept your MX record, please delete the period at the end and try again.