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How Can I Set A Custom Email Address for Status Alerts?

The default email address used to send out Status notifications is alerts@lean20.com. You can configure the email address used, but you first must setup Your Sender Identity.

To get started, log into the application and navigate to your Org Details. Scroll down to the Sender Identity panel and enter the domain you would like to use. 

It is important to recognize that this domain should not be the domain you receive email on. For example, if your company email address is john@sonicdb.com then you would not use sonicdb.com as your sender identity. Instead, you should choose a different domain or a subdomain. In this example we are going to use status.sonicdb.com.

Clicking the "Connect" button will start the verification process. You will be presented with DNS records that must be added to that configured domain.

IMPORTANT: Some registrars do not accept MX values with a period at the end. If your registrar does not accept your MX record, please delete the period at the end and try again.

Once you have created those DNS records click "Verify My Domain". Alerts will now use your custom domain as the "From" address.

If you experience problems verifying your domain, see Troubleshooting Sending Domain Validation